In an attempt to escape his former life Sam, a 30-year-old New Yorker, decides to revisit his old parent’s house in Montana, long time abandoned ever since their deaths when he was a young boy.

When arriving at the house he notices a fire watch tower across the forest that wasn’t there during his childhood years at the house. Curious by the new structure he decides to venture into the forest and find the origin of this tower. There he stumbles upon the eerie and strange entrance of a National Park, the Crow park. In a dream-like state he approaches the entrance having an uncanny feeling that he has been here before, what he doesn’t know is that this place only appears to those in need of guidance and that it is a portal to the realm of spirit animals.

Here he meets Papa Coyote the keeper of this park and with his help, Sam entails a journey of hope, closure, and liberation as he creates connections with himself, spirits and his own soul.


design research

inspiration from the main native amerian trive that lives in montana, the crow tribe,

substraction from traditional national parks structures

substraction from traditional crow housing structures

stone work and natural materials found in montana

concept sketches


(background:from firewatch gameplay)

various triangulation simulating conglomeration of skin lodges/tipis. 

stretch skins, alluding to crow wings

design site plan

enhance surroundings with native trees, to hide adjacent buildings and structures

white model

hard backing to hide structure behind trailer 

ext.crowpark entrance_dawn

hand drawn/photoshop

All stock images are courtesy of Wix collection.