the whateleys are a strange family that lives in dunwich, a small erie farm town in 1,900's massachusets. 

(non original work)

when his grandson is born, father whateley known for his "satanic rituals"turns his grandson into a protege, teaching him everything he know about bringing forth into this world another worldly creature that seems invisible to human eyes 

farm research & inspiration

usage of empty black frames, to indicate abandonment and curiosity in what might be lurking in the dark. 

dead cattle starts appearing indicating the presence of the creature

a feeling of decay in the farm, nothing is more important than the ritual

farm design

creature escapes from its confinements inside a built silo structure

silo structure is built after the birth of the grandson wilbur

cattle was feed to the creature through 25 feet high ramp that reached the top of the silo. 

int. silo research & design

wilbur spent countless hours learning how to bring forth this creature in his room/study. 

All stock images are courtesy of Wix collection.